Circa genomics software

Maria Nattestad
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Circa gives you the power to create beautiful circos visualizations of genomics data using a powerful yet intuitive interface.

Circa is desktop software that allows you to make circos plots from your genomic data. You can load in genomic data, construct a circos plot, export as a PNG (image) and SVG (for publication), and save your session for later to continue constructing the perfect circos plot.

Circa is built for genomic data, and everything is plotted by chromosome and position. Please check the tutorials to make sure Circa fits your needs. 

Versions and license

When you buy Circa, you will get an email with the option to download either the Mac, Windows, or Linux version of the software, as well as a receipt/invoice.

This is a one-time purchase, which does not have to be renewed.

The license is per person on the honor system, so you can share it between different computers, for example, but please keep it to yourself and encourage your colleagues to buy their own copy. This is a small 1-person business, and I don't like putting annoying restrictions on my software that it harder to install and use (e.g. force it to connect to the internet to authenticate constantly). I spent all my effort making Circa super easy to use instead.

Support and refunds

Circa includes only basic support. Please ensure you know how to get your data into a basic CSV file with genomic loci as shown in the input file format guide, since this level of support is not included. If you end up not being able to use Circa, there is a 30-day money back guarantee -- simply email me at

GDPR note

By purchasing Circa, you agree to me storing your email address for any future version updates. You can unsubscribe from these rare updates at any time. 

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30-day money back guarantee

If you find that Circa does not work for you, you can get a refund by emailing within 30 days of purchase. Please provide the email address you used to purchase Circa and a brief explanation of why you are requesting a refund.

Last updated Jun 1, 2023

What you will get:

Circa software for Mac (now including a separate version built especially for M1 Macs)
Circa software for Windows
Circa software for Linux
Starter pack of example files and case studies


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Circa genomics software

23 ratings
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